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Salsa Macha

Salsa Macha

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Salsa macha is an incredibly popular and sauce in Mexico. It’s made with a variety of dried chillies, nuts or seeds, garlic, all infused in oil.

The Mexican Friend has created a unique recipe that showcase the flavour, not just the fire, of the chills.

Salsa macha is often used as a topping or garnish, but to be honest here in Finland we enjoy eating it on anything that needs a little flavour boost!



EN Ingredients: rapeseed oil, peanuts, olive oil, sesame seeds, mix of chillies, garlic, dried onion, sea salt, pepper.

FI Ainesosat: rapsiöljy, maapähkinä, oliiviöljy, seesaminsiemen, chiliseos, valkosipuli, kuivattu sipulia, merisuola, pippuria.

SE Ingredienser: rapsolja, jordnötter, olivolja, sesamfrön, chiliblandning, vitlök, torkad lök, havssalt, peppar.

How spicy it is?

It depends...You never know how spicy the chilies can be and the spiciness varies from person to person.

Traditionally, salsa macha is super spicy (“macha” means brave in Spanish), but The Mexican Friend has created a MILD recipe that tames the spice and showcases the flavors, not just the fire of the chilis so, people in Finland are able to eat it!

How do I use it?

On anything and everything!

Salsa macha is super versatile and fits well with the Finnish food.


*Contains peanuts and sesame seeds!
*Sisältää maapähkinää ja seesaminsiemeniä!
*Innehåller jordnöts- och sesamfrön!

Keep refrigerated.
Säilytä jääkaapissa.
Förvaras kallt.

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"No pica"

"It is not spicy!"

- A Mexican that is lying to you.

  • Made in Finland

  • Hand Made