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How to use a piñata?

At parties, a piñata is suspended from a rope, and a child, often blind-folded and sometimes made to spin around several times before taking their turn, hits it with a stick while an adult pulls on one end of the rope to make the piñata move and make the game more challenging.

Children take turns hitting the piñata until it breaks, and the candy falls out onto the ground and then everyone rushes to collect it.


~ 20 x 40 cm + hat (12 cm)


NOTE! Piñata is only hot with a dedicated stick to ensure safety

The resistance of a piñata depends on the amount of filling you put on it and the force with which you hit it

When hitting a piñata, the other participants must be far enough away

Piñatas are not fireproof, so they should be kept away from open flames

Recommended for use under adult supervision

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"No hay fiesta sin piñata"

-No party is complete without a piñata

  • Made in Finland

  • Hand Made